It's a fact that most people do not consider network security until they have had a breach. While many vendors provide single products or just-in-time services, most do not consider the security needs of the entire network for connectivity, intrusion protection, security and identity management. At NetConnect we offer the complete suite of Network Security Solutions customized to your individual network.

Network security technology is a vital part of day-to-day business. It prevents corruption of data, secures the network from unwelcome intrusions and eliminates vulnerabilities to keep networks and businesses running safe. Most breaches are internal and can easily be prevented. Often the data recovery effort can be prevented with an appropriate storage system. At NetConnect we are focused on delivering the highest level of security for your network to protect your company from damage and loss.

Our roadmap to success:

Network Security Solutions
  • Network Security Analysis
    NetConnect will analyze your current network system putting it through thorough testing for vulnerabilities and check your data capacity. We will then prepare an analysis of the systems for your record.

  • Network Security Design
    Based on our analysis we will make recommendations in line with the security goals of the enterprise. Our suggestions may include the appropriate security components including software, hardware, storage and employee skill sets. We will then develop a roadmap to develop the system that meets your requirements.

  • Network Security Implementation
    NetConnect will source the necessary products as outlined in the design phase and install them to provide your enterprise with the highest level of security to protect your business. Our solutions are layered providing redundant security levels and ensuring your enterprise does not rely on a single technology to solve all issues.

  • Network Security Support and Maintenance
    NetConnect will transfer all system knowledge and recommend the appropriate ongoing support for successful network security. We will include all necessary warranty information and recommend upgrades as they become available. We will also provide your team with options for maintenance or supplemental staffing as needed.
All of our security solutions are implemented leveraging our project management methodology.

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