All business networks must support the existing business securely and to allow for a future of growth and agility. We develop solutions through our Network Advancement Solutions to extend the life of your existing network by alleviating the pressures of a growing work environment. We can assist you to develop local and remote backup solutions that secure your data while improving your network and provide the necessary cabling and equipment to improve your current networks' performance.

We also work to extend the reach of your network to allow your business to enjoy a flexible and reliable network solution that will enable your company to communicate in a whole new way. At NetConnect we deliver proven Wireless Network Solutions to meet the needs of today and the future of networking.

Our roadmap to success:

Network Advancement Solutions
  • Network Advancement Assessment and Requirements
    Working with IT and business teams we assess the current network environment including your data capacity and record the business and technical requirements.

  • Network Advancement Design
    After reviewing the assessment findings, NetConnect makes suggestions to advance your network. In this phase we recommend the products you will need including servers, switches, routers, storage, desktops, and firewalls. We then develop the appropriate installation procedures and outline necessary support and maintenance.

  • Network Advancement Implementation
    Based on the design, NetConnect will source the recommended products, implement the recommended design, lay the proper cabling and build your network on site with your team.

  • Network Advancement Support and Maintenance
    After implementation NetConnect will transfer all system knowledge and recommend the appropriate support and protection for your network advancement procedure. We will include all necessary warranty information and recommend upgrades as they become available. We will also provide your team with options for maintenance or supplemental staffing as needed.
All of our network advancement solutions are implemented leveraging our project management methodology.

Wireless Network Solutions:
  • Wireless Network Assessment and Requirements
    Based on your current infrastructure, NetConnect professionals will provide an assessment of your current environment; it's readiness for wireless networking and identifies any necessary improvements.

  • Wireless Network Design
    We plan and design the right wireless network to meet the needs of your enterprise - not the most expensive - simply what you need to get the job done right. We provide simple configuration of your wireless network keeping the goals of your company in mind and allowing for future growth.

  • Wireless Network Implementation and/or Application Installation
    We source the necessary product and install your wireless network to allow for a secure and flexible solution. We can also work with you to install wireless applications as needed on your network.

  • Wireless Network and Application Support and Maintenance
    Once you are up and running we will provide knowledge transfer, ongoing support and maintenance and always recommend upgrades to keep your network running at its best.

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