Businesses today must be available and accessible around-the-clock. Your network needs to provide access with necessary security, performance and flexibility to handle the growing expectations of your customers, partners and employees. NetConnect can help you to leverage the time and cost-savings of network computing for your business success.

We bring together a range of solutions and experience to help you harness the power of your network computing technology. Once enabled, your network will help you position your organization for success.

NetConnect is building the foundations for business success through our Enterprise Network Solutions. We are experts in making the network a differentiator within enterprise-wide initiatives. Our solutions aid managers to reduce costs and add value to their information technology infrastructure programs. We make environments business ready to manage applications, e-business, internal portals - all of the features that advance business processes. Our networking services include cabling, network design and development, storage solutions - all of the right components to build the foundation for your business. We design and build the network to match your business needs. All of our networks are scalable and built with best-of-breed networking products from our partners.

Our roadmap to success:

Enterprise Network Solutions
  • Enterprise Network Assessment and Requirements
    Working with IT and business teams we assess the current network environment including your data capacity and record the business and technical requirements.

  • Enterprise Network Design
    After reviewing the assessment findings, NetConnect makes suggestions and provides a detailed outline and drawing of the recommended network design. In this phase we recommend the products you will need including servers, switches, routers, storage, desktops, and firewalls. We then develop the appropriate installation procedures and outline necessary support and maintenance.

  • Enterprise Network Implementation
    Based on the design, NetConnect will source the recommended products, implement the recommended design, lay the proper cabling and build your network on site with your team.

  • Enterprise Network Support and Maintenance
    After implementation NetConnect will transfer all system knowledge and recommend the appropriate support for your network implementation. We will include all necessary warranty information and recommend upgrades as they become available. We will also provide your team with options for maintenance or supplemental staffing as needed.
All of our enterprise network solutions are implemented leveraging our project management methodology.

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