In today's competitive marketplace the advantage of IP Telephony solutions can bring your company to a new level of customer service and business efficiency. Your existing phone system may be hurting your business and on its way to being obsolete. By integrating your computer and phone systems, IP Telephony services enable your business a powerful way to enhance communications and reduce costs by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

NetConnect's IP Telephony services provide your company with a competitive edge. Our engineers assist you to analyze, design and implement the proper customized system.

Step One: IP Telephony Analysis
A thorough analysis begins with a review of the environment. Our experts work with you to evaluate the current network state, strategy and objectives. We will then define the network functional and architectural requirements, assess the network and define and present a high level solution. The environmental review includes existing T1 provisioning and signaling, existing wiring for converged equipment, space and power availability for network and equipment, PSTN and voice mail trunking and a review of materials required for the project. We bring a proven methodology in combination with real world experience to each IP Telephony project.

Our analysis offerings include:
  • Environment evaluation
  • Review of hardware and system processes
  • IP Telephony recommendations
Step Two: IP Telephony Design
The advantage of using experienced engineers is in our ability to properly identify and design your new IP Telephony system while taking advantage of existing infrastructure and company protocol. To begin, we will interview key personnel to gather requirements. Once we glean the data, we will leverage that information to define the detailed IP Telephony design. Included in this phase is logical and physical planning, infrastructure determination, physical network requirements for hardware, software and circuitry, IP address architecture planning, DHCP and TFTP configuration, redundancy planning, backup procedures, numbering plans and route patterns, trunking, voice mail and supplemental services. NetConnect's planning services ensure seamless and timely implementation.

Our design offerings include:
  • IP Telephony system design
  • Project Plan
Step Three: IP Telephony Implementation
NetConnect offers best practices and smooth implementations. Our process involves receiving the equipment which we then install and connect to your existing infrastructure as per our project plan. Once the hardware is installed we setup the software and appropriate databases and WAN connections as needed. Once the entire system is in place we activate each handset testing our work as we go. During this period we coordinate change control requests, manage the routing and switching infrastructure, implement software including auto attendants and voice mail, set up gateways, install any necessary upgrades to the applicable devices and configure the necessary components including route patterns, lines, extensions and dial-by-name. The entire system will not go live without passing our stringent testing program. The result is a ready-to-use IP Telephony system that meets the process needs of employees and exceeds expectations of all who interact with it.

Our implementation offerings include:
  • Installation
  • Product customization
  • System Documentation
Step Four: IP Telephony Training, Support and Maintenance
To get the most from your system, NetConnect suggest providing training to administrators and users. NetConnect provides administrator training to address personnel changes and moves, configuring route patterns and troubleshooting. We also provide user training for an overview of the features and functions of the new system.

For your continued success with your new IP Telephony system we offer ongoing support. Our telephony experts stay connected to your team to keep you informed of the latest technologies, the status of all warranty information, recommended upgrades and more. Our ongoing availability allows us to provide the necessary support through supplemental staffing, knowledge transfer and ongoing maintenance.

Our training, support and maintenance offerings include:
  • Administrator and user training
  • Staff augmentation
  • Maintenance contracts
IP Telephony Products:
NetConnect recommends the finest IP Telephony products available. Our IP Telephony offerings focus on the following products and suppliers:

Call processors
IP Phones
Unified Messaging

We work with select partners to deliver the right products for IP Telephony projects.

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